“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel laureate in Medicine

> Have you been living with chronic pain?
> Do you have an unexplained ailment that Western medicine has not been able to diagnose?
> Are you reliant on pharmaceuticals or routine visits to specialists to deal with a condition?
> Would you like to boost your immune system?
> Do you suffer from depression or anxiety?
If the answer is yes to any of the above, PureBioenergy® healing can help you.
PureBioenergy® is a non-invasive, effective therapy that helps and supports the body in its own self-healing process on all levels, for all kinds of health and emotional issues. From chronic aches to more serious ailments (including the ones considered "incurable" or auto-immune), this healing modality is beneficial for people of all ages, as well as, animals.
This therapy is guided only by the laws of nature, which is a state of health. We bring to the body the information it needs to come to wellness.


My skeptical 12 year old thought I was crazy when I suggested we try Belinda’s help to deal with horrible, chronic nosebleeds that were affecting his day to day life. But with absolutely nothing to lose (and much to gain) he agreed to give it a shot. Within a few days we were noticing a decrease in nosebleeds and after about a week he said to me, “you know, mom, I think this is the real deal because I haven’t had any more at all!” We have seen marked improvement! 

- Anne U.

I did not know what to expect and was unsure of positive results, but I actually felt twinges in my hip during my bioenergy sessions with Belinda. Each session I could feel something happening and the pain would seriously be better. I am beyond intrigued to learn more about Purebioenergy and my next session is confirmed!

- Mary Ellen B.

After being diagnosed with tension migraines by a neurologist and hesitant to take prescribed 

medications, I reached out to Belinda for Purebioenergy. She greeted me at each of our four sessions together with bright and uplifting energy. Since our work together, my occipital tension has released and subsequently my left face and eye tingling has subsided.  What a relief! No prescription medications needed!  Oh, and my vision has improved as well. 

- Lori L.

Belinda is an excellent healer and genuinely cares about helping others and the earth. I was very skeptical but also very curious about this type of work. I've been having on/off breathing complications as well as general depression/anxiety. After 4 sessions with Belinda, my symptoms seemed to have subsided for about a week. I feel positive energy in our sessions. Even my dog who sat next to me seemed to react to the remote sessions. I plan to continue working on deep rooted issues with Belinda and definitely would recommend her to anyone!

- Sarah D.

PureBioenergy with Belinda was a great experience--she was knowledgeable, welcoming, and calming.  Much of the unexplained swelling in my legs, that I have struggled with for nearly 4 years, has dissipated since my treatment.  The 4-day protocol was a peaceful and meditative way to start each day.  

- Laura O.

About Belinda Tung

Belinda has always believed there to be a better approach to health and wellness than the conventional, western approach. She became even more wary of allopathic medicine when prescribed pharmaceuticals killed her dog because of its adverse side effects that left him with failed kidneys. She will always choose homeopathic remedies over pharmaceuticals and has seen the effectiveness of this approach. "Let food be thy medicine" is a quote by Hippocrates that resonates deeply in her household. When Belinda discovered the healing method called PureBioenergy®, she immediately signed up for training. Belinda has seen first-hand how this non-invasive healing modality, that can be performed remotely, has reversed chronic conditions. 

“A person is sick when this universal doctor in him, which we call the immune system, is defective in a certain part of the body or in a certain organ. So, the therapist, could as a matter of fact be called the mechanic of the immune system. The moment you have fixed the energy in charge of our health, that is defective, a person heals.”

- Zoran Hochstatter, Founder Purebioenergy®